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Success Stories

What is a success story? How do you define “success” in health care?

Self-recognition of success is a common barrier we find when seeking success stories from health care organizations. With continuous improvement regulated and desired on so many fronts, how does a health care institution determine which improvements “count” as success stories and which are mandatory?

The answer is simple: any program, project or initiative run by a health service provider that goes above and beyond mandatory standards to positively affect the quality of care for patients/clients/residents is a success story. Large or small, it is the every-day victories that have a real impact on our health care system.

Why do we want to recognize success stories?

Quest for Quality and the South West LHIN are working to build a culture of continuous quality improvement in our health system. An important step in this process is to recognize the quality improvement projects that already exist throughout the spectrum of care. It is only by celebrating the successes that providers experience and by sharing our collective victories that we can move forward in promoting quality and inspiring improvement throughout the health system.

What do I do with my success story?

You’ve recognized that your organization makes efforts to provide the best quality care – that is the first step to enabling a culture of quality. The second step is to promote your success and inspire similar initiatives throughout our LHIN.

Success stories are collected throughout the year and are shared at various LHIN events, as well as with Committees and Councils. The knowledge transfer and relationship building that can occur from this type of sharing is integral to the work of the LHIN and the quality of the health care system. We are continuously seeking submissions of any stories, projects and initiatives relating to: integration with other partners, resident care, quality improvement, research and/or industry best practices.

Any ideas that your organization has had that have improved quality outcomes for residents, clients, patients, staff and the community are success stories, no matter the size and scope of the initiative.

Please complete the below template provided and submit your success stories to:

Rachel Stack, Quality Improvement Lead, South West LHIN (rachel.stack@lhins.on.ca) for posting on the Quest for Quality website.

Please click here to obtain a copy of the success story template.
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