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Improvement Projects
Quality Improvement Steps
Step Two: How will we know what to change for an improvement?
Step Three: What change can we make that will result in an improvement?
QI Community of Practice

Improvement requires setting aims. An aim is an explicit statement summarizing what your organization hopes to achieve.

Your aim should:

  • Be time-specific
  • Be measurable
  • Be a “stretch” not achievable in the current system of care
  • Include specific actions
  • Include specific measures


Define it!

  • Identify Problem
  • Complete “project on a page”
  • Develop SIPOC Map
  • Gather Voice of the Customer & Voice of the Business, (key stakeholders)
  • Develop CCR’s & CBR’s
  • Finalize Project Focus

Measure it!

  • Identify Key Input, Process and Output Metrics
  • Develop Operational (technical) Definitions
  • Develop Data Collection Plan
  • Collect Baseline Data
  • Validate Assumptions
  • Map Business Process